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HOw Can Our Ministry Be A Blessing to Your Ministry?

Family Crusades

A Family Crusade is an evangelistic and edifying event held from Sunday through Wednesday evening.   A variety of visuals are used to share the Gospel that can include chalk art, puppetry, Gospel illusions and simple object lessons.  Each service ends with an invitation and altar time for everyone.  Children and adults will be challenged each night.  We have seen the Lord really bless when emphasis is given to a different group each evening.  A "Children's service,"  "Men and Women's service,"  "Family night,"  "Academy or Christian School night," are emphasis nights that we encourage with special attention given to visuals, music and message.

The Revival week that is held by most churches is Biblically based on  Psalms 85:6, Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? This is a time set apart by the local church to encourage the local church family to examine themselves individually and collectively to better enable them to reach the world for the cause of Christ. Through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, preaching on sin, separation, the hope of Heaven and reality of Hell is all part of revival.  At the same time, any revival service should accomplish the primary goal and that is a closer walk and relationship with the Savior. Most of our revivals are relationship based. Holy living produces separation from the world and  victory from sin. It also enables the Christian to witness in the power of the Holy Spirit, have the wisdom of the Lord and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. We praise the Lord for the many souls we have seen rededicate themselves to a sweet relationship with their Savior and a new found desire for His service. We have seen many saved in these revivals.

Vacation Bible Schools
Our Vacation Bible Schools are designed for small and large churches and can be operated with limited workers. Our team does all the labor so the church  workers can dedicate themselves to meeting  new children and dealing with them  during the invitation. Our family has worked with as little as 40 and as many as 600 children at one time.  The program is designed to teach doctrine, provide instruction for daily living in today’s world and  preach the gospel so young and old alike can respond to the call of repentance to salvation. The program runs one and a half hours with music, pledges, memory verse time, topic spotlight, offering, message, invitation and game time. Each year we built a new thematic puppet stage, purchase new 
puppets and develop a new theme. All children remain in the meeting area and are divided by grade and sex for competition. We praise the Lord for an average of two hundred and fifty to three hundred saved each summer.

Church Camps
In a camp environment, we are geared toward 1st - 6th grades or 7th -12th Grades but preferably not at the same time.  We can do a morning devotion  and an evening service. During the morning devotion we lead exciting choruses followed by a short devotion and a challenge for the day.  This will last about thirty to forty-five minutes and can be adjusted to better work with the camp schedule. The night services consist of a variety of visuals used to share the Gospel which can include chalk art, puppetry, Gospel illusions or simple object lessons..  These services are exciting as well as evangelistic and last approximately one hour and twenty minutes, depending on the altar response.  Each service ends with an invitation and altar time for everyone.

Sportsman's Banquets
Howard and Jason Caldwell are second and third generation teachers & ministers and fourth and fifth generation hunters and conservationists.  Having always enjoyed hunting, fishing and the natural beauty of the great outdoors, both have an intense interest in predators, particularly raptors or birds of prey.   Howard and Jason grew to appreciate the stealth, cunning, speed and agility of the birds. This interest led them to the ancient sport of falconry 
in 1993.Seven years ago, Howard and Jason started “Raptors Up Close.” It is an educational organization suited for both of their passions of teaching, handling and hunting with birds of prey. These combined skills give the public a unique insight to the world of raptors and the art of falconry.  They presently have assorted hawks, falcons and owls in their collection.Falconry is the art or sport of taking wild game or quarry with a trained bird of prey.  Ancient documents date falconry over 4,700 years old making it the  oldest form of hunting still in existence today.    Falconry is now practiced on all continents around the world,  but did not flourish in the United States until the mid 1960’s. Today there are approximately four thousand licensed falconers across America.  Falconry is regulated by the state and the federal government;  therefore  federal and state falconry permits are required before one is allowed to possess a bird of prey.Their experience and education in this fascinating sport is revealed in their informative and exciting presentation of various raptors and their hunting skills and abilities through flight and stealth. Their presentation is always followed by a gospel message that corresponds with the presentation of their 
birds and the truth of the Word of God. Over the past six years we have seen hundreds saved through this unique presentation of the Gospel.

Missions Conferences
Our family believes and practices "Faith Promise Giving" for the purpose of reaching the world for the cause of Christ. We bring a very unusual perspective to a "Missions Conference" by using a variety of visuals to explain true stewardship, tithing,  faith promise or grace giving. We make every effort to not only keep it simple so even the children can understand and participate but to display the victory that is found in obedience, faithfulness,  and being a good steward through giving.  It is our goal to see the conference have evangelistic results because of the surrender of God's people.

Teacher Training Sessions | Click here for a list of classes and descriptions
It is with deep conviction that we attempt to make pastors and church workers aware of the tools that are needed to reach and teach children and  adults for the glory of the Lord. The secular world makes sure their employees are trained in their field, even if it is a minimum wage job. Yet, we often find that churches have no formal or organized training  for the workers on how to teach, lead others to the Lord or how to use visuals in an effective manner. We offer the local church the opportunity to have their workers taught specific subjects in a full assortment of classes during a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon that will encourage, instruct and em passionate them for their classes, or given ministry.

Promotional or Special Emphasis Sundays
Because we are such a visually oriented ministry, special days like holiday weekends, Bus Sundays, promotion Sundays,  back to School Sundays are all good examples of how we can be utilized for the local church ministry. If the local church pastor wants to put special emphasis on a given ministry, age group or evangelistic need we can help say or do what is needed to make that special weekend a success.

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