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Using Visuals to present God's truth

Visuals are an important part are teaching.  Jesus Christ used them and they are still the best way to convey a message.

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Seeing Truth

We provide printed materials that can help you in ministry.

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birds of prey

in 2006, Howard and Jason started “Raptors Up Close.” It is an educational organization suited for both of their passions of teaching, handling and hunting with birds of prey. These combined skills give the public a unique insight to the world of raptors and the art of falconry.  They presently have assorted hawks, falcons and owls in their collection.Falconry is the art or sport of taking wild game or quarry with a trained bird of prey.  Ancient documents date falconry over 4,700 years old making it the  oldest form of hunting still in existence today.    Falconry is now practiced on all continents around the world,  but did not flourish in the United States until the mid 1960’s. Today there are approximately four thousand licensed falconers across America.  Falconry is regulated by the state and the federal government;  therefore  federal and state falconry permits are required before one is allowed to possess a bird of prey.Their experience and education in this fascinating sport is revealed in their informative and exciting presentation of various raptors and their hunting skills and abilities through flight and stealth. Their presentation is always followed by a gospel message that corresponds with the presentation of their birds and the truth of the Word of God. Over the past six years we have seen hundreds saved through this unique presentation of the Gospel.

Visit Raptors up Close

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