**Postponed Until September 23-24,2022**


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Sessions for Church Ministry & Christian Educators

Corey Bane
Shenandoah Bible Baptist Church - Martinsburg, WV
Debbie Caldwell
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Howard Caldwell
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Jason Caldwell
Seeing Truth Ministries - Winchester, VA
David Corn
Evangelist - Houston, TX
Ed Dunlop
Evangelist - Tennessee
Mike Edwards
Evangelist - Charlotte, NC
John Godfrey Jr.
Great Hope Baptist Church - Chesapeake, VA
Daniel Jessup
Master Ministries - Milford, OH
Dennis Leatherman
Mountain Lake Ind. Baptist Church - Oakland, MD
Niki Lott
Christian Compositions - Butler, PA
Aaron Miller
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Gregory Miller
Zion Baptist Church - Ninevah, VA
Rebeccah Miller
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Sherri Patterson
Bible Baptist Church - Tyrone, PA
Cindy Quinlan
Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, FL
Dorothy Russell
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Amanda Schraff
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Luke Shope
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Rebekah Shope
Lighthouse Baptist Church - Winchester, VA
Maranatha Sweet
Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, FL

How to Have a Biblical Passion for Competition - Christian School Sports
Leadership in Master Clubs-Training for Directors and Pastors - Children's Ministry
How to Have Biblical Purity in the Church - Pastors
Biblical Politics in Today's Culture - Pastors
Introduction to Master Clubs - Children's Ministry
Play Skillfully – Piano Hymnplaying & Tips for Church Pianists - Music Ministry
The Pros & Cons of Livestreaming Your Gatherings - Audio-Visual/Pastors
Seven "P's" in the Soul Winning Pod - Outreach
VBS Boosters: How to Get the Most Out of VBS - Children's Ministry
Biblical Pastoral Commands from 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus - Pastors
Leading Your Entire Church to Read the Bible Together - Pastors
Effective Homeschool Technics - Education
Conducting An Effective Nursery Ministry - Ladies/General
Leading Teens to Be Involved in the Music Ministry - Music Ministry
Creating the Perfect Program to See Kids Saved - Children's Ministry
Effective Music Ministry Organization - Music Ministry
How to  Have Creative Events and How to Prepare for Them - Ladies
From the Known to the Unknown: Introducing Multiplication & Division Concepts - Education
Writing Spiritual Music – An Introduction to Biblical Song Writing - Music Ministry
The Bus Ministry From the Pastor's Perspective - Children's Ministry/Pastors
Propping Up Your Program with Two Bookends  - Children's Ministry
Using Puppets in Ministry - Children's Ministry
Setting an Anchor Watch: How to Hold Fast to Our Distinctives - Education
Filled & Flowing – God’s Design for Music - Music Ministry
Getting Children Involved in Missions - Missions/Children's Ministry
Creating An Audio/Visual Team - Audio/Visual
Exhortation & Education – God’s Design for Music - Music Ministry
Developing Myself as a Soul Winner - Outreach
Conducting An Effective Jr. Church Program - Children's Ministry
Building a Biblical Relationship Between the Pastor and People - Pastors
Pray & Go (Outreach for Everyone) - Outreach
Developing Helpful Personal Bible-Study Habits - General
A Professional Organizer Goes to School - General Education
Involve Your Kids in Ministry Without Them Hating It. - Ladies
Discipling Children After Salvation - Children's Ministry
The Role of Leading Men in the Local Church - Pastors
Raising Vigor with The 2 "Rs" (High School) - Education
Creating A Puppet Character - Children's Ministry
Teen Boys and Teen Girls Split Sessions - Teenagers
The Responsibility of Pastoral Perspective - Pastors
Leading Children to Christ - Children's Ministry
Praying, Planning, & Working Towards Youth Group Goals - Teen Workers
How to Prepare for Master Clubs Regionals - Children's Ministry
What every member can do to make each service a soul-winning outreach. - Pastors
Making Christianity Come Alive to Children! - Children's Ministry
Singing with Grace – Using Your Voice for the Glory of God - Music Ministry
Combined Elementary Classrooms (Feeding the 5000) - Education
How to Teach Kids Bible Messages with Minimal Notes - Children's Ministry
The Power of Literature - Education
The "Don'ts" of Personal Soul Winning. - Outreach
Training Elementary Students to Meet Classroom Behavior Expectations - Education
Pastor's Wives Session - Ladies